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  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

  Introduction Program   

This program is designed to give the student a taste of what playing an instrument is all about. Is a very relaxed and fun session which will make the student fall in love with music. Our professional instructors will teach you the basic fundamentals playing your instrument, reading music, following a tempo and be able to do it all on you own.

  Basic Program    

This program is for a student that understands the fundamentals of playing their instrument, reads basic music sheets and can play the instrument on their own. Here they will learn more advanced ways to play their instrument, read music sheets and complete longer and more complicated songs.

  Advanced Program    

This is for the more advanced musician that wants music to become part of their lives and maybe even their future carrers.

  Group sessions  & Band Sessions 


They are available for vocals and Dj only. For pricing please contact one of our representatives at 786-218-7640.

BAND SESSIONS ( Jazz, Latin, Rock and more):

This program is great for those students that know how to play their instrument in a Basic or Advanced level and want to share their talent with others as they practice and come together as a Band. Your instructor will teach you to build a strong foundation when you start a Band, teach you how to play as group and the best part of it... TO HAVE FUN.  

For times and pricing please contact one of our representatives.

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